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Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling Design

A contemporary kitchen design simply means the style is current. It's often confused with a modern kitchen which is a specific style of design. A contemporary look will change with the times and your kitchen remodeler will be able to guide you in your choices so that you can maintain a contemporary look. Below are a few design ideas to keep in mind when starting your Los Angeles kitchen remodeling project.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

A contemporary kitchen design generally is an open space. If you currently don't have an open kitchen or if you have a small kitchen consider breaking a wall to create that openness. An open space is very useful especially if you’re often hosting in your home. It'll not only give your kitchen that contemporary feel you're looking for, but it will make the kitchen seem much bigger.

Cabinetry - Unlike a traditional kitchen, the design of the cabinets is simple with clean lines. Traditional kitchens tend to have carvings and intricate designs, but a contemporary kitchen will have minimum inserts like the Espresso Shaker style or White Shaker. Square panel designs and wood slabs are considered contemporary cabinet styles. Knobs and handles will typically be chrome or other silver colored metal. Your cabinets, not only sleek, but can open with a slight touch and can be closed softly using a built in mechanism that controls the speed it closes. Stainless steel appliances and sinks are very popular in today’s contemporary kitchen.

Tiles – Porcelain tiles for floors and backsplash are the most recommended for a contemporary kitchen due to their durability and easy cleaning. Large size tiles with a straight pattern are most recommended for the clean look of the contemporary design.

A common use for backsplash will be glass mosaic and even stainless steel tiles that are used as a liner or for an accent wall.

Countertops – Tiles are out and slabs are in whether it’s Caesar Stone, SileStone, manmade or natural quartz. As long as it’s on a slab you are already making progress. Any type of slab including concrete can be considered contemporary as long as you’re using the right colors. Square type of bull nose for the edges is most recommended for the contemporary look.

Colors Neutral colors and warm grays are great to combine with a pop of color. Yellows, bright reds, or bright greens are fantastic colors to enhance the look of the kitchen while keeping the rest of the colors soft and neutral.

Lighting – Recessed lights are the way to go, you may purchase contemporary pendant lights for a specific area in the room but no more than that.

Storage Space Contemporary Kitchens today are making good use of storage space. A kitchen cabinet may open up into a nicely built in storage containers or even appliances. The underlying feature of contemporary designs has always been sleek and simple. This is why hideaway cabinets are a go to feature of a contemporary kitchen. Homeowners today prefer function and convenience. Green Kitchens Green kitchens are a trending contemporary design and buying faux materials that look like wood are the wave of the future. Energy saving appliances is a better selection than traditional appliances. Utensils that maintain and are longer lasting are better options.

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