Traditional Kitchen Remodeling

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen Remodeling

One of the fundamental design trends of the traditional kitchen is elegant wood cabinets. When a traditional kitchen comes to mind, the feeling is warm and comforting. Some popular interpretations of the traditional kitchen include a rustic or vintage feel. Your kitchen remodeler is your number one source for information and guidance on designing your perfect traditional kitchen. Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles one of the most common remodeling projects. Don't be left behind while all your neighbors do kitchen remodels.

Vintage Traditional Kitchen You can have a lot of fun with this traditional kitchen design. Create an old-fashioned backsplash like green or blue glass tile and use tin for the range. Use pendant lighting and vintage cabinet hardware like round colorful knobs. Pot racks add a great touch to the traditional kitchen and especially for a vintage throwback. Good placement for the pot rack is hanging above the island.

Cabinetry Traditional kitchen cabinetry can be reflected in all kinds of wood types. Oak, maple, alder and cherry are all wonderful colors as long as they are maintained at their natural color or stained with another wood color. It’s a good idea to invest in high quality cabinets since most traditional kitchen cabinets are nostalgic and made out of real solid wood doors, therefore, will last a lifetime. Prop an open plate rack along a wall to not only create space, but to give the kitchen a warm feeling. Vintage feel open displayed shelving is typical in this type of kitchen.

Tiles Porcelain, travertine, ceramic and slate tiles are most common in traditional kitchens. Usually they are textured unlike the smooth surface as in contemporary or modern design . The rough surface of the slate for the floors and backsplash brings back the warm feeling in the house. Many new porcelain tiles today can imitate that natural look of stone to a point where even professionals can’t tell the difference.

Countertops Tiles are still used in traditional kitchen countertops but we do not recommend this option. Many new granite slabs come with a wide range of warm colors that can fit perfectly with the traditional design. Rounded bull nose for the edges is most common in this type of design.

Colors Warm, natural wood colors are the choice for traditional kitchen designs and make sure to avoid metallic colors. Also use an even color scheme and don’t include colors that clash or are in complete contrast with others.

Lighting While contemporary kitchens use typically recessed lighting, traditional kitchens use chandeliers or pendant shaped lighting. While your kitchen remodeler will be the best source in terms of guidance for your kitchen remodel, always stay true to your unique taste and preference. You may also decide to combine elements of different styles you fancy.

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